Top Car Problems

Top Car Problems

1. Car Doesn’t Crank: Car doesn’t Crank: In this circumstance, it is probably a bad battery. It is possible to try bypassing the battery but in case that doesn’t work most probably the battery has to be replaced.

2. Automobile Cranks: After the car cranks but doesn’t start — there could be numerous reasons why this may be occurring. Our mechanic can emerge and examine all things associated with fuel, air and spark to understand why the car wouldn’t start. It may be a alternator, starter, fuel line or another matter. This is among those solutions at which the mechanic needs to appear and carry out a comprehensive diagnosis.

3. Squeaky Brakes: Squeaking noise could be observed when you press the brakes and you listen to a noise just like a metal grinding onto a different alloy. This may be a fantastic time to replace your brake pads and rotors because the pads may be worn outside and may be grinding from the metallic rotors inducing the squeaking sound.

4. Overheating: When you find some fumes coming from the motor compartment or see that the cooling judge in your dashboard moving towards the hot/red side, the vehicle may be needing cooling issues that could result in overheating. Our mechanic will check for any toaster leakages, assess the radiator and the full cooling system to correct the heating issue and thus prevent additional damage to your motor.

5. Steering wheel is shaky: This may be a result of poor wheel bearings, a suspension problem or brakes being out of equilibrium, based upon whether it occurs shortly after you start your vehicle or at elevated rates.

6. Check Engine Light: This is only one of the very vexing lights if you do not possess a Scantool to inform you why the lights are ON. The mechanic generally plugs a Scantool to the vent beneath the steering wheel called the OBD port, to learn the diagnostic codes which may get the light to be ON. It may be as straightforward as a loose gas cap or as severe as a bad head gasket or a misfire problem. To prevent additional damage, it’s advised not to drive the car and possess a mechanic come out to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis.